Prestige PT - the leading provider of top notch personal training and fitness facility

Prestige PT started in business in Rowville at the turn of the century, before personal training was a thing. We pioneered this thing called PT and found ourselves training second generation locals. You have probably trained with us at sometime or someone in your family has. Prestige PT is interwoven into the fabric of Rowville. This is the gym you attend when local, fellowship, community, history, sponsorship means this is my town and I’m proud of it.


Personal Training gets the best results. It’s not rocket science. It’s the perfect social interaction.

What makes us different ?
  • We are not a gym

  • We know who you are and what you want to achieve

  • We cater for everyone regardless of age, ability and fitness level

  • We make sure you are doing everything you can to achieve your goals

  • Our group sessions are small and suit all fitness levels

  • You will want to train with us because we care about you

  • You will enjoy a better body for the rest of your life

  • You will receive motivation and More

  • Personal Training = Results

Our speciality and our passion is:

  • Weight loss with committed clients

  • Working with clients that have disabilities

  • Improving mobility and range of motion

  • Preparing for operations such arthroscopies by building muscle

  • Rehabilitation after injuries, operations and broken bones

  • Experts on balance, posture and back care