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Investment guide


For the best results exercising 5 times for week delivers unbelievable results

To change your weight or muscle mass you need to exercise 3 times weekly

Maintaining where you are now exercising twice per week is required

Exercising once per week, you are slowly going backwards

Exercise can be the gym, sport, cycling etc. Now ask the question of yourself. Am I serious enough to exercise 3-5 times per week and do I want to do all my exercise at the gym where I'm accountable or am I going to add in a commitment to a sport or cycling group etc.


Now you have answered the exercise question for yourself the gym offers Personal Training (PT), Groups and VR:

3PT & unlimited groups

2PT & unlimited groups

1PT & 1 group

Unlimited groups


You can expect to have a FREE consultation, assessment and introduction PT session to make sure you like working with us and are going to accept your application to be a member.